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Do you specify or design Process Automation?
DCS or PLC/SCADA Systems - it does not matter

Do you produce long technical documents, draw  diagrams with Visio or PowerPoint, maintain data in spreadsheets, and maybe use a database too?
And do you struggle to keep the documentation up to date when there are changes.
Or do you document the system after you have programmed it because it is too slow and hard documenting before or as you go along?
There is much a better way!

ControlDraw is an object based process automation modelling system, for Engineers working with Process Control systems.
You can use it to generate all the documents and data for the life cycle of a system. And to improve your design whilst ensuring consistency and even simulating your module designs.

ControlDraw provides unique integrated diagram, text and data handling functions for the design, specification, simulation and documentation of Process Control Systems. And for the production of Process Flow Sheets and instrument indexes

ControlDraw has been designed for S88 batch, continuous and discrete processes and is used by the system integration, engineering and process industries.......More

A fully functional but time limited copy is available for evaluation, click to Download

You can also download the Reviewer with which you can view comment on ControlDraw models. The reviewer supports quick navigation, thumbnail images of each diagram, rapid search, extraction of all data and detailed comparisons between versions

You can even run the model simulations..

Do you  want to read the manual, before trying it out? Look no further than the  ControlDraw Online Manual. Or for a printable version Click here

ControlDraw Ltd also provides services to help you.

Online Demos are available - please contact us for details

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Control Engineering

Just surfing? Doing your homework? 
This site is concerned with Control Engineering. If you are interested in this then please have a look around this site.

You could start on the page for the Curious  
Here you will find a short explanation of 'Control Loops' and links to other Control sites. In particular you can find out about the process control systems that are used to make 'stuff', such a chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food.

The concept behind Control is that if you can measure something in a process and also do something that affects that process in a predictable way then you should be able to effect some control. It's called Feedback.

ControlDraw Ltd provide software tools and consulting services for the design and documentation of the control systems used in process industries.

If you are seeking services for Process Automation then ControlDraw can help you -  have a look at the Services section.

If you are looking for S88 Batch Control Information try the S88 Links page

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