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Evaluation Key points    (See also ControlDraw v Visio)

This is a short collection of points that you may wish to consider when evaluating ControlDraw against it's competitor.

Top Levels of the Models
Process Cell, Area etc. In ControlDraw these are very good for navigating models and forming the basis of the higher level overview type graphics in a system. 

ControlDraw supports Phases in Phases, Control modules in Control modules and similar recursive structures that the S88 guidelines identify. This was a key reason why one user who evaluated both chose ControlDraw.

Free Viewer
With ControlDraw, users and operators etc can navigate and comment on CD models using the reviewer without having a license.

State matrices
A very powerful feature of ControlDraw is the State matrix capabilities

This is another very important part of ControlDraw whereby one object (eg Unit, Equipment Module, Control Module) can be designed to cover a number of similar objects. For example two similar units where one has a jacket and the other does not can be defined in a single polymorphic object. You can see some of these in the Milkshake demonstration model.

One competitor depends  on 'good' P&ID's - ie ones designed with S88 in mind. Often this is not the case.
And where are several similar P&ID's do you have to do more work to add the EM's and CM's to each of these P&ID's? 
With ControlDraw you just draw it once and then define the differences in a Variants table. And if a change is made you make it once and it applies to all.
Another problem with using the P&ID's is that these tend to be subject to a slow development process.

ControlDraw uses Access - remember ControlDraw is a life cycle product and can/should be used to maintain the documentation even after the system is delivered, meaning that the software works in the standard desktop environment, on standalone PC's and Laptops etc.  

Code Generation
ControlDraw does not generate PLC code, however it can generate complete tag databases for import into PLC/SCADA or DCS products. There are also issues with auto-generated code. For example, does the code generated use the full capabilities of the actual system? If code has to be changed, does what take seconds in the system software development environment take much longer if the source model has to be changed and the code re-compiled? All that said, there is scope to use the model to auto-generate some of code - contact ControlDraw for details

ControlDraw is not tied to any of the major suppliers of systems -although the working relationship is good.

Web Export
ControlDraw model as a web site - see examples this can help in the operational phase of plants by enabling users to explore the application without having ControlDraw installed.