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This is the Help file for ControlDraw 3

The page you are reading is the page after the main contents

This help file is relevant to ControlDraw version 3.7.1273 , but If you find any deficiencies please email comments@controldraw.co.uk

Most of the documentation effort goes into this Help file, the Manual, the Start templates and the Samples.

In case of updates you may find additional help in >Help >Version >History

You can use Use the Browse buttons above right to the read chapters of the help file.

Use the Index to obtain a detailed alphabetically sorted list of contents

Use Search to obtain information on specific topics       

ControlDraw is designed to support ongoing development and indeed is often updated and improved.

When you receive a new version, the changes from the last version are listed by using Help Version History

Are there any features you would like to add and do you have any General comments?

And PLEASE report any bugs you find.

Please let us know by email to support@controldraw.co.uk

Also please check the Version history and the  Known Issues page before reporting a problem.

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