Automatically Filling Instance Fields
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It is possible to set up rules that ControlDraw uses to automatically populate instance data.

This can be done in two primary ways, Symbol Data values and Special Defaults

Special Defaults are entries that are made into the Default value when defining the fields in the Data Designer

Options are:

!Left PTag #                Use the left #letters of the Symbol Tagname

!Left UserText #        Use the left #letters of the Symbol User Text

!Caption                Use the Symbol Caption

!AltCaption            Use the Symbol AltCaption       

!Inherit                Obtain the value from the same named field in the parent instance

!Script                        Calculate a tag using a tagging script. This can use complex rules to work out a string value to enter

Symbol Data values are values set in in the Symbol Details - these set the value in the same named field in the symbol instances, overriding an other settings such as the Default value

This shows how it all works

!Inherit allows you to set a field in an instance and have the value cascade down into the same named fields in any child objects. To do this use '!Inherit' as the default value for the field for the lower level object.