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Diagrams and Objects

The Login Form Set user name, startup and basic operating mode

The Main Screen  the main operating form

Diagram List and Toolbar  Shows all the diagrams in a model in list form. 

The Page Browser  shows thumbnail images of the diagrams and can be used for navigation and sorting.

The Palette Symbols are dragged from the symbols palette onto a diagram.

The Diagram Details form  is where you can set all the properties of a diagram and write a detailed description

Object Details Form  the details for a single object

The Page Text form  enter formatted text about diagrams, classes and the model itself.

Project Details Form to view and edit information on the project.

The List View shows diagram symbols in a list and allows undeleting

The Outline form allows you to navigate the hierarchy, top down or bottom up.

View Text Only lists and allows editing or text and Captions for objects in a model

The Matrix Form provides the means to define tabular data such as state matrices for units and equipment.

With the Export to Web form you can create a web site version of a ControlDraw Model

List and Draw lets you produce some diagram type very quickly

Toolbars and Popups

The Main Toolbar  This toolbar contains the short cuts to frequently used functions.

The Diagram Mode Toolbar  Controls how the mouse works on a diagram, display and sizing

Symbol Controls   is where you can set the appearance and content of a diagram object.

Connection Controls is where you can quickly set the appearance and signal type for connections.

Group Controls  align and set the properties of groups of symbols

Link Page Selector add, remove or change the Symbol to Page links

Picture Selector  with this you can select pictures for objects

Shape Selector  Choose a shape for an object

Fonts  All fonts used in diagrams and tables must be defined in styles, this is where you set them

Signal Styles  define and select from as many different line styles as you need,

Paste Special Import  pictures, text, groups or tables of data from another Windows program.

                   Or copy objects from the open model as clones.

Global Find and Replace  Copy the setting of one object to other objects anywhere in the model.

Text Control tool is used to set fonts and text justification

Descended object Linker is used to set links between higher level parameters and lower level ones

The Hover Mode Popup Menu provides quick access to useful functions

States,  Dynamics and Procedures

Matrices  provides the means to generate tables such as unit state matrices.

Sequence Numbering  SFC step and transition numbering

SetSymbols and CheckSymbols  Set up Special Objects that refer to other symbol states

Run Mode controls  provides control when running a diagram dynamically

Object Dynamics  set the dynamic properties of a symbol

Expression Builder set the VB Sript for an object

Signal Dynamics  control the dynamics appearance of the connections when running diagrams dynamically.

State Matrix run controls  set or save the state if the symbols to a row in the matrix.

Procedure Charts  provides the means to generate tables such as unit state matrices

Calculation Symbols have an editor for writing and testing calculations


Database Forms

Data Designer allows you to define data to store beyond that which is shown on a diagram.

Classes and Data Build provides tools to populate the database

Data Views  provides tools several tabular views of the data in the model.

Show Symbol Data shows the data stored with a particular symbol and it's instances.

Database Tagging and Numbering automatically sets Tagnames and Instance 'Real Tag's for the objects in the model

Object Specifications shows the Object and Instance data associated symbol on a diagram.

Revision management

Publish and Backup Raise a revision or make day to day backups, as this also compacts the morel

Compare  Show the difference between models


About This shows the version of the program and the user data.     

The File manager  maintain your models and import from one model to another.

Model Review  provides several ways of looking at the structure of your model and some correction facilities

Model Class Hierarchy and Field Inherits Map provides more on the structure and inherited data fields

Tools Utilities Set the default  modes and those settings that are not stored in models

Embedded Picture Manager  Shrink embedded pictures, delete unused ones and create rotated versions.

Diagram Sorter  Re-order all the diagrams in a model by various methods

Registration  How to obtain a license.

Global Find and Replace can be used for global changes