Class Settings
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Here are most of the settings for a class. See them in the Data Design form.


        A textual name for the class.


        The unique class number, this number is used rather that the name inside ControlDraw


        Determines if a class should be included in the instance and object tables


If a connection is made from a symol then the DefaultSignal for the class of that symbol this detremines the signal style. This also sets the dynamics for an object if the dynamic type is Signal States.


The default unique string prefix for an object of the class, used when automatically setting the ObjectTag for a symbol, see tagging and numbering


        Used when automatically setting the ObjectTag for a symbol. See tagging and numbering.


        As above but with different rule choices


        The number of digits from the object name to include in the Short hierarchical tag.


        Determines if a page of class should generate a Stream

S88 Def

You can group sub classes in one S88 Def, for to classify according to S88 recursive levels.Control Modules containing Conrol Modules for example.


        You can use this to set the overal diagram order according to the class of the diagram using Tools Diagram Sorter


This makes diagrams with the class come next in the list after the parent diagram. Peer child diagrams that also have this class setting are sorted according to the LoopID and then the class sort.


       The number of character to use when generating Short Tag


       Used in the Reviewer to determine if a diuagram of the class generates test sheets


       Determines if a class is a Step, Transition or both (as in Equipment Procedral Entities)