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All ControlDraw diagrams and symbols are given a class.

Class identifies the type of information a page or symbol represents and is significant in models, and the database.

A number of classes, heavily influenced by S88.01, are provided with the standard Control Draw library.

You can see and modify the classes from the Data Views form.

The class of a diagram is set when you first create a diagram, but can be changed in the Diagram Details

The class of an object is established originally by the Symbol that is first dropped onto a drawing, but can be changed in the Symbol Controls.

Each Class has a large number of properties, described in the section Class Settings.

Class is used for:

Determining what data should be stored for the object and instances associated with a symbol

Establishing validation rules for the model

Setting hierarchical tag numbering rules

Setting Test Sheet options

Determining the drawing right click quick draw options

The Class of an object or page is an important aspect of a model, and so ControlDraw supports many additional features to help to manage the classes.

A toolbar button toggles the display of the classes of each object on the diagrams.

Model rules that check the consistency of diagrams and links are based on the classes.

Sequential Function chart numbering and dynamics are based on the classes

Class names must be unique.

In order for data to be stored with classes they must be Included in Tables in the Data Design