Complete update
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The Complete update function rebuilds a model from the latest version of the start model.

Hence you can get updates that involve changed field sizes and for example the latest Access forms and reports.

Complete Update is a small stand alone program, you can invoke it from the Complete Update button in the File manager.

You can also use Complete Update to export CD2 models from CD3 ones but losing newer features such as lines jumping each other etc.

You select the model to update, provide a new file name and if the source file exists and the destination file does not the update button is enabled.

The complete update program has an option for exclude the Diagram images. This is on by defaults and speeds up conversion and may help to recover problem files. Another option excludes the Void tables - these are tables that contain data that has been found to be orphaned during Database generation

As it runs Complete Update generates a list of the tables and queries that it updates. If there errors these are shown in the list.

Note - the complete update program wll fail if there are Dots and Spaces in a file name.