Connection Controls
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Connections in ControlDraw are represented on the page as a line connecting two symbols, however they are much more than just lines they are Signals.

When you move a symbol the line moves to keep its connection to a symbol. 

You can choose the Connections style for each connection.

Signals define the initial way these connections are drawn. Each signal is assigned a Line style, arrows and a connection routing method from the Signals Form

You can change these appearance aspects after you have created a connection, using the Connections Toolbox, but the signal remains the same unless you change it using the Symbols form.

Two connected symbol can be on separate diagrams. If this is the case a Connection pointer is automatically created, containing the text

        Symbol Tagname / Connectionname and 'On Page' Page no.

NOTE - In order to select and move connection points you must have selected the right mode - see Drawing Modes

You can move connection ends by dragging them with the mouse.

If you move the end of an auto-routed connection, then ControlDraw calculates a new route depending on the side of the object and the position along that side

If an auto routed connection is changed by dragging and dropping  the points in the line (not those at the ends,) ControlDraw automatically registers the link as a manual polyline connection.

With a manual link the position of the points can be individually moved, except that end points still must be on one side of or inside the object they connect to.

You can delete points in a manual connection by dragging one and dropping it on an adjacent one.

You can add points to a manual connection by dragging one of the points that is  half-way along a segment

In dynamic mode, signals can carry data from one object to another and may have their appearance determined by the value of a signal. Signal have a data type.

Vertical - Horiz -Vertical  and similar types, these now longer revert to manual if you edit them. And you can drag the corners and the entire segment moves.

Another new Style,  "Auto Route avoiding objects"