Conversion from Controldraw1 to ControlDraw2/3
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To convert from ControlDraw1 to ControlDraw3 you must first use ControlDraw2 to convert the model to ControlDraw2 then run a complete update with ControlDraw3

In general the converted file looks very similar to the original, however due to the fact that some scaling faults in CD1 have been corrected in CD2 there may be some differences. If the lines do not route properly just move the ends slightly and the routes should re-establish

CD2 files are Access97 databases,CD3 files are Access2000. The database structure can be seen by opening up a CD (*.CND) file in Access or later.

CD1 files have a number of immutable restrictions. These were originally introduced in order to achieve penrformance - and to make the programming easier. Faster PC's, developments in VB such as component technology and improved object orientation,  and experience gained working with the database aspects of CD1  have made it possible to take the limits off, so CD is now a much more powerfull system.

ControlDraw1 files can be converted to Controldraw2 by File Open, or Tools Convert CD1 file

The process of converting from CD one to CD2 involves some significant data processing. Specifically this conversion carries out the following operations:

        An Access database is created tosore the model.

        A table is built for each object on every page in the model.

Another table is built for each possible connection to an object

Another table is built for each made connection

Several other Tables are built for things like Fonts

When you import using Tools Convert CD1 file you can choose whether to use the filename for the original CD1 file, the Project Title or  the Page title for page 1 as the default name for the new File.

The default extension for CD2 files is CND.



The Matrices and original CD1 database are not converted. If this is important to you please contact ControlDraw Ltd.

It is  possible to save a CD2 file in CD1 format but all the new features  will be lost, and if you have used anything other than autorouted signals and simple shapes and tagnames no more than 24 characters the result may be unexpected.

Use File Save As CD1 file