Create Recipes and Link their Procedures to Equipment Control
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In ControlDraw a Master Recipe Design can be defined by having a Top Level Recipe Object containing Objects such as Master Parameters, a Header and a Recipe Procedure with in it's Child Hierarchy a Recipe Procedure diagram containing Unit Procedures, containing Operations containing Phases.

At no point in ControlDraw do you have to link it to the equipment.

But if the Recipe is to use automated functions in the Equipment (ie EPE's such as Phases ) then the Recipe should show how this happens.

With ControlDraw you can link your S88 Recipes to the Equipment at the Phase, Operation or Unit Procedure Level

You can do this as follows:

For the Recipe Formula parameters such as the Set Points, Material Quantities etc use Descended Object Links to link the master recipe value to the Parameter in the Phase that actually Sets it. (>Tools >Custom Tools >Defer Functions can make use of this to help extract data for Batch Managers)

For the Procedure, you can use 'SymbolCopy' Special symbols for the Equipment Procedural Element that the Recipe Procedural Element uses, and/or Link the Recipe Procedure Phase to the Child Diagram for the EPE

ControlDraw can can do this as you draw!

in Project >Options >XRef and PFC Options >When Adding PFC Steps Prompt to use existing Equipment Procedural Entities

When this option is set and you add a step to a PFC diagram by Right Clicking a step then your are asked "Use existing Equipment Procedural Element?". If you answer Yes then all the EPE Child Pages are listed and you can pick one from them. Then the new step will be a parent of the same EPE and have the same name.

"When Adding Equipment Procedural Elements, use SymbolCopy"

In this case the EPEs are listed even where they do not have child diagrams and the new step is made as a SymbolCopy. This provides a closer link to the Equipment Control.

Note- the souce object must have approprate connection pointS for the added EPE to connect into the chart

A standard User Query, EquipmentProceduralElements lists all operations and phases that are on Unit and Equipment Module diagrams (Actually those on diagrams for classes that have the CanAcquire flag set)

See Linking Recipe Procedures to Equipment Procedures for a diagram explaining this