Create Hyperlinks to documents and web pages
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When you are specifying or designing a system it is generally necessary to keep a collection of documents, such as the P&ID's, Process descriptions and so on. Often these documents can become superseded by a model, but it is always useful to be able to refer back to them, to ensure traceability and to be able to check back. Keeping track of these can be tedious.

When you are first starting a model it is helpful as it makes it qquick to show the source documents.

With ControlDraw it is very easy to create objects that contain links to all these other documents and you can open by clicking a diagram.

If an object contains in it's user text a single line that has the address of a file on your computer or an internet web link then , Follow Hyperlink appears in the Right click menu. And in the Object Controls Follow Hyperlink appears in the object controls menu.

If the object has multiple lines containing addresses then they are listed in a sub menu in the object controls.

If you want you can set ControlDraw so you can double click to open the link. This is done in Tools Utilities

In Project Options , you can set a path that contains all your linked documents so that you can easily relocate all the documents in one go.

If you want to open an XML file at a specific line you can use FilePathandName#linenumber

When a file reference contains "!Docs" at the start, this is replaced with the Linked Documents Path as defined in Project Options so you can keep a collection of documents in an easily relocated folder."

You can also copy lists of files in Windows Explorer - after you copy then and switch to ControlDraw it recognises the files and gets list of their names that you can paste as text.

If you are running ControlDraw and have a diagram open you can then paste their names into any program.

See below an example of copying a list of files and then being able to open them from the object controls

Copy the files

Switch to ControlDraw and use Paste Special as note


This will then create a symbol with the tagname Note and the file list in the user text

Now when you select the symbol you can open any file with the object controls menu

Note, you may see this when you click on the symbol.

If the files are contained within your Documents path, when you say yes the references are changed to ones relative to that path, prefixed by "!Docs"

Note also that you can mix normal text and file names provided they are on separate lines.

In addition, the files will only appear in the menu if they exist.