Custom Tagging
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With Custom tagging you can define the construction of RealTags and External Tags based on your selections of the contents of each tagname in the hierarchy of an instance. This is used for example to generate tagnames that match typical P&ID tags. They work by parsing the tagnames into parts and then joining selected parts in any order.

See also Tagging Scripts - these are more flexible and powerful, but run slower.

Custom Rule Strings


The tagname of the symbol at the lowest level of the hierarchy whose class is a root


The tagname of the symbol at the end of the hierarchy

For the rest, the number selects the level in the hierarchy

Tag Part splitting:

       NumberPart - the first numeric part of the - tag eg 123 in UN123A

       NonNumberPart - the first non numeric part of the - tag eg UN in UN123A

       TextSliceMid :Start#:Len# - Characters as fixed position eg - TextSliceMid:5:1 returns B in "F12ABC",

       LastLetters - the last letters found after a number, eg B in FT01B

:-: puts a - between sections, :-: puts a space etc