Descended object linker
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This form allows you to link symbols to symbols in the pages descended from the current page in order to establish parameters that are passed down the hierarchy to lower level elements.

For example you can create recipe formula parameters in master recipe and establish how these connect to parameters in the phases that the recipe runs.

This form is available from the menu when you right click a diagram.

If you invoke the form with a single object selected on a diagram, you can link or unlink it.

With All selected the list shows all the objects in the child page hierarchy and whether they are linked.

With All Linked selected you can see only those that are linked and you can also de-link by unsetting the Linked column and then clicking De-Link.

(You can also de-link from the Parameter Map)

With Not Linked selected you can  make new objects on the current diagram at the same time creating the links.

This is a quick way to generate Master Recipe parameters that link down to for example phase parameters. To add these set 'Add Link' for each parameter to be included then click 'Create and link objectts for selected rows'

The Count shows if there are several paths to the same parameter, this is indicative that you may want to create new parameters on the child pages, so as to end up with just one. For example if you call the same phase several times but from different operations then you should create parameters on the operations.

The Go to Parameter Map button calls up the Recipe Defer Functions

Note - if you have several calls to the same procedural element and you want to set different values for each then you can connect the parameters to the objects as shown below