Diagram Details Form
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This form shows the details for a single diagram. Details include the first and last authors, version number and the diagram type.

Each diagram can  be associated with a specific matrix. This matrix is then automatically selected in the Matrix form.

You can make a diagram polymorphic by setting the polymorphic checkbox.

Note - You can also set a diagram's Tagname or set it as Polymorphic or not from the Right Click diagram menu without having to show this form. 

You can lock pages so that they cannot be edited.

The change history option shows the changes made to the page after page locking was started.

You can delete all the unused connections the symbols on a diagram..

Change Tracking - Lock Diagram

Once you have locked a diagram then if you unlock it ControlDraw asks

"Do you want to track the changes and then relock "

If you answer Yes, then the diagram is unlocked and opened immediately. Right clicking will show a menu option "Show Changes since UnLock ". This brings up a form where you can enter a description of the changes. You can also get ControlDraw to list the main changes to objects by clicking the List Changes button.

When you close the diagram the same form appears, but closing it gives the option to add the change description to the model history.

The diagram is also relocked.