Whenever a model is open, the List of pages window is open.

You can navigate your model and see the diagram class and Tagnames here along with whether the diagram is Polymorphic and it's status.

You can open up a number of diagram pages in the model by double clicking in the page list or by clicking the Open Button

When you add a new page from the List of pages it is inserted after the current page and it adopts the class of the current page.

If running multi user and another person is also editing the model then you can only insert at the end and you cannot delete diagrams.

Click an area for hepl

The form has a right click menu

Replicate Diagram

makes a copy of the currently selected diagram

Synch Referenced Diagrams

Prompts to synch all or only changed diagrams.

Synch Referenced from here

Synchronise diagram starting with the current diagram, so for example if you have Synchronised diagram up to 50, then stopped, you can continue from diagram 50.

Find Diagram

This does a forward search for diagrams whose name includes the string you enter.

If a diagram is both locked and referenced this is  shown in the list of diagrams by having the relevant colours in the first and second columns. Also if a diagram is read only it is now shown 100% size and not scrolled, if not read-only the last zoom and scroll are used.

See also the Diagram sorter which provides a more powerful way of setting the order of the diagrams