Diagrams and Symbols
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With Control Draw you can draw many types of diagram by using drag and drop methods in the Drawing Screen. A single file can include many hundreds of diagrams. And each diagram many have Variants to make it multipurpose

All diagrams are made of Symbols that are connected by Signals.

Symbols can also have a links to other diagrams

Each Symbol has associated text:

A Tagname - up to 32chr

User Text - unlimited

ObjectTag -  up to 32chr - provides a link to a data set for each object and instance

The connections to a symbol have a number of properties: -

They may have direction (They flow from an output of one Symbol to an Input of another)

Each connection has a Signal Type, such as analog or digital.

Inputs may only connect to one Source

Outputs may connect to many Destinations

The connections between Symbols must be compatible - for example an Analog output must connect to an Analog Input

Connections can be modified using the Connections Control Panel

Like symbols, diagrams have properties, many of which are similar or identical.

In fact a diagram can be viewed as symbol, which is a container for other symbols, and a diagram has similar modeling properties to a symbol. ControlDraw includes symbols and styles for the following types of diagram.


Typical Use

Grafcet / Sequential function charts(SFC)

Sequential Logic,

SAMA Loops

Modulating Control schemes


On/Off  Control, Interlock Logic


On/Off  Control, Interlock Logic

Procedure Function Charts (PFC)

S88 Recipe Procedures

Process Flow

Small schematic diagrams of the controlled plant

State Transition

Unit State logic


Control system network diagrams

Flowchart diagrams

Software Design

Entity Relationship

Systems Analysis, Software Design

Equipment Module

S88 Equipment Module graphics and states

ControlDraw is not limited to this set of diagrams, since you can create your own symbols to use as you wish, and you can define your own Drawing Types.

You can also mix the types in one page. In fact Control Draw makes no distinction between the diagram types - they are just a convenient way of selecting the set of symbols you want to put into a diagram. The easiest way of seeing the available standard symbols is to use the Symbols Palette.

Using the Model Validation functions, the class of a page can be used to determine the class of objects that are allowed on the page.

See also Special Symbols