Embedded Picture Manager
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If you are developing large models or you want a rotated version of a picture then you may need to use this form.

ControlDraw stores a copy of each picture that is used in a model within the ControlDraw file.

If you delete objects from a model their associated pictures are not deleted, since they may be needed by another object.

However, after a while the file can grow very large, especially if you have pasted pictures from other windows applications.

You can use this form to:

Find and delete these unused pictures.

Rename pictures

Rotate pictures

Shrink large pictures by changing their file format to GIF or JPG or reducing the jpg quality. Large pictures can arise by using paste special as picture. The BMP format is not compressed and so uses a large amount of data, which makes files larger and slower to process

Shrink button -  all pictures that would be smaller are converted, for for example JPG might be converted to GIF. Recommendation - always start by converting to JPG since the quality loss is less.

When you click Shrink you have a choise of Test only - this will scan the pictures and advise how much will be saved.

You can also export the picutures in the model to a folder