Group controls
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This form appears when you select more than one symbol

You can use it to set the properties, such as appearance or class, of many symbols with a few clicks.

Pressing delete when the group toolbar is shown deletes all selected objects. Undo from the main toolbar restores them

Tiip:  Press excape to close the form and then the Left/Right/Up/Down keys move the entire group, and holding down shift at the same time increases the movement by a factor of 10

When using the Group form to space evenly in the vertical plane the size, the user text is accounted for, improving for example SFC steps and transitions where the text is outside the object.

The form also includes a menu,

Arrange in Rows or Columns

This simply puts the selected symbols in rows and columns. The spacing is set to the widest and tallest symbol plus a bit and the with the top left set to the leftmost symbol and the topmost symbol .

You are prompted for the number of rows or columns, with a default that makes the number of rows and columns about equal. You are also prompted for the order.

Centre all connections

If the group includes connection links, this will place all the connection points at the mid point of the side they are on.

Change Clones to Masters and Change Clones Normal

If there are any clones in the group you can make them the master, making the existing master into a clone, or make them normal, so disconnecting from the existing master

Hide and Unhide All Text

Affect the User Text visibility

Create/Link Child Diagrams

This will create child links to pages that have the same name as the selected symbol, and if necessary creating new pages. This is much faster than using the Select Link form.

Change Class to

You can now set the class of objects from a popup menu for Included and Non included classes.