Guidelines for Diagrams
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Try to keep the size within the paper size

ControlDraw reduces the size of diagrams to fit the printable area, however, scaling problems with Mr Gates software can cause the text to be truncated if a diagram is scaled down.

This is made worse by some inherent limitations with scaling in Windows, which can cause text to be truncated if a diagram is scaled down.

In order to see how much the diagram will be shrunk the Diagram Toolbar has a button to size the diagram window to the printer.

Try to keep the diagram proportions similar to the paper orientation.

When shrinking to fit, ControlDraw looks at the diagram width and height and then shrink so that both fit on the paper.

So it is best to organise the diagram to occupy the maximum area possible accounting for the page orientation, with the same height to width ratio

Limit the number of Objects in early stages

- up to 10 major and 50 minor objects per diagram is a reasonable guide, as detail increases you can go higher than this.

No more than 6 instantiating object classes per diagram class is another guide.

See also S88 Modelling Guidelines