Hierarchical Tags
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In ControlDraw, Hierarchical Tags are tags/names for symbols that are made up from the names that appear on the diagrams for each level of the model Hierarchical. They should provide a unique name for each instance of a symbol.

For example say the first diagram has a unit named u1123 on it, with a parent link to page 2.

Page 2 has en equipment modules named em001 on it, linked to page 3

And page 3 has a valve, v01 on it

Then the Hierarchical Tags of  v01 on page 3 is then


Now, Page 1 might have another unit on it, u1124

u1124.em001.v01 is another instance of v01 on page 3

So, Hierarchical Tags this is a tag that applies to an instances. They are unique to each instance provided there are no duplicate symbol names on a diagram.

But in large models this can be cumbersome and for other reasons a better (shorter) tagnames could be used. That is the reason for RealTags.