Hierarchies and Models
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A Control Draw model is collection of diagrams with meaningful relationships between the various objects on the diagrams, combined with a database.

For example a model may comprise a hierarchy of objects, with one to many relationships between Parent objects and their children. In Control Draw, models can be established and validated by using parent - child relationships and by using the class of an object.

See a diagram showing S88.01 Modelling with ControlDraw

Parent - child relationships

A model can have many pages, and relationships between symbols and pages can be established to build hierarchical sets of objects.

Each Symbol can be linked to another diagra. This can be a Parent- Child link where a symbol has a diagram underneath it and the contents of that diagram are added to the symbol.

In other words you can have an entire diagram underneath each symbol.

Another way of looking at this is that symbols can be containers for more symbols, recursively.

Each symbol and diagram has a Class property

When a child page is created, the page inherits the class of the parent symbol. (Note however that classes are easy to change you may need to change parent or child later - the model review functions help to resolve this)

Jump Links

ControlDraw does not restrict your model to a hierarchical structure however, you can use it as well to produce flat models. And even to combine the two

Links do not need to be parent child, jump links proved a way of linking diagrams to be able to follow through a process or to see relevant information that is defined on another page.

Hierarchical models support Instances flat models do not.

You can also define polymorphic diagrams to show generic objects which have variants in each instance.

ControlDraw includes model menu options which can be used to configure and validate a model.

Data in a model can be divided into sections such as Process Cells or Units by using Streams

Please note

Model templates can be developed on a specific basis for individual clients.