Importing Diagrams from Another Model
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You can import not just pages but whole models as the import proces retains the page links that exist between imported pages.

It is done using the Import button in the file manager.

First open the model that you want to import into. Then go the the File Manager and point to the model that contains the top level diagrams you want to import, and select them.

Then click Select Child Pages so that all the child pages of your selection are included too.

Then Click Import - you are prompted to select the model to import into, this is preselected to the last model you had open.

Now, if ControlDraw finds that a page being imported already exists in the model being imported to, it detects this and then provides a dialog where you can choose to:

Use Current Diagram

Replace Current Diagram

Import as New Diagram

Use Existing Diagram

Cancel importing.

If you choose to Use Existing Diagram then all the links between objects in the imported diagram and child pages that already exist in the model are assigned to the existing pages. For example if you import an Equipment model and its child pages and the child pages include valves, motors etc that already exist in the model you are importing to then these will be used.

Replace Current Diagram updates the model with the version of the diagram in the imported from model.

This depends on the GUID field for a diagram - the globally unique Identifier, a new field that is unique for every new diagram created anywhere.

If the model you are importing from uses the same reference model, then referenced diagrams are automatically shared you do not get duplicates.

When importing a diagram any associated Matrix can also be imported.

The Import Associated Matrices check box on the File Management form determines whether the matrix in the source model is also imported.

Provided all the symbols that are referenced in the original matrix are on the same diagram then the linking between rows and columns in the matrix and symbols on the diagram is retained in the imported matrix.

At present, if your matrix is not associated with a page or if a row or column references a symbols on a pages other than the one that is associated with the diagram you are importing then the row or column will become disconnected.

If you do find that you have duplicates after an import then Re-Assign links, available from the Tools menu, allows you to change all the links from symbols to diagrams in one go. For example if you append a model that contains a second set of drivers then you can use this to make the imported symbols use the original driver pages before then deleting the surplus pages.

The Re-Assign Links form in the model menu now has an option to sort by page name so that if you have for example imported another model that also contains the same driver pages then provided they are named the same (eg On/Off Valve with ZSO) the diagrams are listed one after the other.