Importing Pictures from another model
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ControlDraw stores copies of all the Symbol pictures in the model, provided Embed Pictures has not been de-selected in the Project Options

Embed Picture is the default, if you de-select this option, which is not recommended, then the pictures are taken from the paths you have defined also in the Project Options form

These pictures are stored with a name, that of the original picture file, or if the pictures were pasted into the model with a name like Paste###### where ###### is a compbination of Paste and the time/date. Each picture must have a unique name

When you import the pictures from another model if Controldraw finds that a picture in the model you are importing from has the same name  but is different to the one in the model you are importing to, you will be prompted to:

Replace - Import the picture replacing the picture of all symbols with the same picture name.

Append - Import the picture without linking to any symbols.

Ignore - Do not import the picture.

An option is provided to repeat what you choose - this applies to all the same named but different pictures in the current import. If you select another file to import from you are prom