In at the Deep End
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Instant modelling!

Get the flowsheets, P&ID's and source material. Electronically if possible.

File New

Start a new model.

Show the Palette

Drag a few objects onto the page to recreate the important parts of the flowsheets. Give them tagnames. Use alpha-numerics ones such as U123 (a unit) or V325 ( valve in a unit)

You already have an equipment list? Great. Load it into Excel, a Word processor table or whatever and Copy it.

Then choose Paste Special in CD. You should see a list much like the table you started with, but only the first 2 columns. Choose a symbol type (eg Unit)  to import the objects as. If you don't they will be imported as notes.

You can now paste all the objects into the model. They can all be placed on one page, or a whole new set of pages can be created.

What next?

Try to draw on page 1 a very simple block diagram of the process. Then make more detailed diagrams for each block on page 1, by adding child pages to the objects.

Do you have a specification from your client? OK, import it into one of ControlDraws RTF text fields. Perhaps the project details.

Run the RTF Editor to edit the File Wordy bits

You can spend time building completely new pages or you can use the ones in the sample models and then modify them to your requirements

Or start with a template - providing a start model with helpful notes and predefined classes and diagrams