Database Tagging and Numbering
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You can use this powerful form to provide unique tags for all the objects in your diagrams, via their Object and Instance Tagnames.

With this form in the Classes tab you can automatically set Object Tagnames and Instance 'Real Tag's for the objects in the model. You  define the rules for the Object Tags and instance Real Tags for each class of symbol.

Real Tag is used to provide a shorter unique name for an instance than the Hierarchical Tagname.

For example, if you have a number of Units, and each has a number of equipment module child pages containing valves then you can make a Tagname like the examples below by selecting

Root Tag dot ChildTag with Exclusions -  result


instead of


Short Hierarchical Tags  -  result


instead of


Object Tag Rules

The rules set the object tag as follows

Do nothing

The Object tag is not changed

Default ObjectTag

The Object tag is set to the value in Default ObjectTag for the class *

Child page name

The Object tag is set to the name of an objects Child page

Drawing Symbol Tagname

ObjectTag is set to the same as the tag on the diagram

Drawing Tag Stripped of numbers

Drawing tag skipping numbers at the end

Class Name

Uses the class as the object tag. *

Default ObjectTag+Drawing Tag Stripped of numbers

Default Object Tag + Drawing Tag Stripped of numbers

Child Variant Name

The Object tag is set to the value in Default ObjectTag for the class *

One per symbol

The Object tag is set the abbreviated class name followed by the Symbol ID

Child Page Name/Variant Name

Gets the name from the child diagram and it's variant

Note- if this exceeds 32 chrs it will be truncated.

*These settings only result in one object tag for the class

Instance RealTag Rule and External tag Rule

These rules set the Real Tag or the External Tag as follows

No Tag

Tag is set blank

Serial Number

Sequential number

ObjectTag and Serial Number

Sequentially number based on the object Tagname

ParentTag dot PageTag

The Tagname of the parent object Dot the Tagname on the diagram


The name of the Parent object

ParentTag dot PageTag dot Child

The Tagname of the grand parent object Dot parent object Dot Tagname on the diagram

Root Tag dot ChildTag with Exclusions

The Tagname starts with the tag of the lowest Root Class (eg Unit) and includes all the subordinate hierarchy except those where Number Exclude is true

Short Hierarchical Tags

This sets the RealTag to shortened versions of the hierarchical tag. Each part if reduced in length to the length defined in the (new) ShortTagLen in the Class properties

Root Tag dot ChildTag dot Child

The Tagname starts with the  tag of the topmost Root Class (eg Unit) and includes all the subordinate hierarchy

Captions hierarchy

sets the RealTag to the Captions version of the hierarchical tag.


Puts the tagname letter part at the begining of the tag and the tagname number after the unit number part of the tag.

Custom Tagging

A user definable system. each part (the whole page tag) of the full hierarchical tag can be included in full, excluded or parsed into the number part, the string part or a slice of the page tag. And you can change the order of the component parts of a Custom RealTag, so that for example, the Letters of the primary element precede the Unit number.

Tagging Script

A user definable system using VB Scripts to get a tag based on each part of the full hierarchical tag