Introduction to ControlDraw
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ControlDraw is a diagram processor. It provides drawing tools, text handling functions and an integrated database for the design, specification and documentation of Process Control Systems.

With ControlDraw, hundreds of diagrams can be related each other through hierarchical links.

Diagrams become reusable objects in a model of a process.

ControlDraw  provides the means to add data to the objects on the diagrams, for example instrument details or equipment parameters for each instance of each object on a  diagram. All of the model is kept in one database file.

and all this data is available for use in other packages 

With ControlDraw you can:

Draw diagrams by dragging and dropping symbols and connecting them together. Note that these diagrams can be rich in data, so that they are meaningful, not just pictures.

Build Models - hierarchically linked diagrams which you can 'drill down' from a high level overview to the smallest level of detail.

Produce Specifications for any component in the model

Interactively build state matrix tables to define the dynamic behaviour of objects in your model

Draw a diagram once and then create multiple instances of the data associated with the diagram.

Use Dynamic Simulation to illustrate and test your model

Build libraries of re-usable modules or objects by using a Reference model.

Store everything your project needs in a database that is tightly integrated with the diagrams.

Keep a precise record of all changes as you develop the model through the Version Controls

Create S88 Designs for Equipment Control of Units, Equipment Modules and Control Modules

Define S88 Equipment Independent Recipes

Link your S88 Recipes to the Equipment at the Phase, Operation or Unit Procedure Level

ControlDraw provide a comprehensive and customisable database - you can use it for example to generate a database of instruments, or to build an Input output List or SCADA database.

The data can be automatically derived from the drawings of the controlled process.

It also includes a built in word processor, in the Project Overview, the Project Description and the Class and Diagram Descriptions where you can enter unlimited formatted RTF text.

Sample models are provided, to illustrate modelling and also as a basis for reusable objects for your application

The companion Print and Review programme provides tools for printing models and for recording comments during model development.

Click to see the Forms you use to operate ControlDraw

Learn about the Sample Models is web site that provides information on specifying Process Control Systems

This Manual has been produced in part with ControlDraw itself, and a ControlDraw model contains the master copies of all diagrams used in this manual.

Fast-Help is used order to be able to generate the  program help, online help and the manual from one source.