Licences - Types, Updates and  Renewals
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See Also How to obtain a license.


Licenses vary depending on what package was purchased.

PC/User dedicated:

Each user has to obtain a license specific to their PC

Team licenses:

A single license is provided and installed on a server, users who are connected to the server can then run ControlDraw

Using >Help >About will reveal the license information.

License Duration

Licenses include all releases of the software for whatever period has been paid for, one year if not stated otherwise.

After this period you can continue to use your latest version of ControlDraw if you have a PC/User dedicated license. If you update to a newer version the software ceases to work. (You can go back to a previous version to renable the license)

Time Limited Licenses are also available - these include use of the software and all minor releases of the software for whatever period has been paid for. After this period you cannot continue to run ControlDraw without a new license.

The PC/User dedicated License system works with a license file that is sent to the user. This has to be copied to the ControlDraw folder on the users machine.

If run from a network, each user has to have a licence file.

These License files are specific to the users PC.

Team Licenses work with a network based license

If your license has less than 30 days to run then you will be prompted

"Your free upgrade period ends on thedate" The prompt repeats once per day.

If your licence has expired then you will be prompted appropriately.

If you install an update after this then the program states "You are using a version more recent that your license permits, please contact ControlDraw Ltd".  You can only show the Apply for Key form before it stops.

If you have a Full License, you must either revert to the last version you had whilst the software was under the support agreement or purchase a license renewall from ControlDraw Ltd.

If you make major changes to your Windows installation, such as re-installing Windows, or replacing your PC, your PC/User dedicated license will cease to work. Replacement licenses are available when for such cases.

Evidence of de-installation is normally required - an Unlicense program is sent on request,

There may be a small cost if you do this more times than was specified when the license was purchased.

Up to 12 months after your full license expires, ControlDraw Ltd will provide a replacement, valid only for the version of ControlDraw that you last had a working license for.

To obtain a new license use Help Apply for Key

It is your responsibility to have the necessary backups. To do this you must keep a copy of the controldraw3.exe file, the cdstart3.mdb file and the cdpalette3.mdb file. These are all included in the Update files that you can download from the Support Web.

Make sure that you have this before upgrading in order to ensure that you can revert.

Better still contact ControlDraw ltd for an upgrade licence quotation.

See also Update Policy