Link Page Selector
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This form is where you add, remove or change the Symbol to Page links.

A parent child link in ControlDraw 2 work's in exactly the same way as it did in ControlDraw1. That is to say that every reference in ControlDraw one to another page would cause an instance of that page and all the objects in a page. 

An extension link will include the objects on the extension page in the database for the page and it's descendants. Effectively it is just makes the original page bigger.

A jump link does nothing in the model, but you can use jump links to make navigation easier for the user.

When a page is created as a child of a symbol it inherits the class of the parent symbol. 

The same form, but with the buttons changed, is used for other Page selection functions

You can use Ctrl-F to find text in the list

You can also use the Symbol Controls and Group Controls instead of Add New