List and Draw
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This is a way of creating and editing diagrams quickly.

You can also edit diagrams created in list and draw in the main diagram form to, for example, set classes, child links etc.

List and Draw is available from Start New Diagram when a diagram is empty or from >Tools>List and Draw

You can create diagrams just by entering a list of tag names.

You can type Symbol Tags into the list on the left of the form, in the From and To fields.

You can also paste these from (for example) Excel.

Each tag will create a Symbol, and the From Symbol are connected to the To Symbols

There is a choice of style for automatically arranging the diagram.

You can drag connections from node to node, change the order by dragging one node onto another, and add connections between nodes by right clicking a link.


Duplicate or empty tagnames are not allowed in List and Draw

"Get from Diagram" imports symbols and connections from the existing diagram. This may not produce a reasonable List and Draw version. Once you save a List and Draw diagram the LDDraw edit button appears on the main diagram.

You can only make one connection between any two symbols

You cannot make Backward links - connections that would eventually connect to an earlier (left most) symbol that in turn connects to the starting one. If you add a backward link in the main diagram it will be removed - but not necessarily correctly.

Top and Bottom Rows

You can drag symbols to the top or bottom - but only those that are either Sources or Destinations only.

Typically you might want to do this for shared objects such as CIP supplies and returns that are used by more than one object


>Data >Paste                                Paste the list of From's and To's

>Data >Copy                                Copy the list of From's and To's

>Data >Get from Current Diagram        Gets the objects and connections from the current diagram. This happens automatically when you open List and Draw, but can also be used to revert to the original after making changes in List and Draw

Save to diagram

Updates existing objects and connections and creates new objects and  connections for items that were added in List and Draw

No changes are made to the diagram unless you use this

Mouse Operations

Drag from symbol to symbols creates a connection between them, or tells you if it cannot because it would create a backward link

Drop a unconnected symbol into an existing connection

Drop a symbol into the Top or Bottom zone

A Right Click menu when a symbol is selected allows you to disconnect it, add a source or destination or remove from Top/Bottom zone

Settings tab

This provides additional settings to control the size of symbols and the connection styles

You can change the signals and signal styles for the connections by clicking on the relevant signal name or connection

Setting "Only Import Defined Signals"

Prevents including connections where their signal is not one of the three possible. This way for example notes connectect to symbols via pointers will not be affected.

Controlling the Order of the symbols

The diagram is drawn in the order of the symbols in the list symbols top of the list appear above those below. You can change it by :

Sorting the list by clicking on a header column

Dragging a symbol and dropping it on another one in a different row