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When you start ControlDraw you have to provide a user name. This is then used to track the developers of the model.

Each object (diagram, symbol, data design record, matrix) records the name of the user who first created it and last edited it.

See also Version Controls

The first time the user name defaults to your Windows Logon name but then remembers the last entry.

You can choose to start in the file manager or reload the last project.

Fast Mode

In fast mode diagrams load and unload much faster however changes made outside of the diagram do not generally appear until the diagram is redrawn.

Show Training Tips

Causes informative messages to be shown as the user works with ControlDraw

Disable Automatic Synchronising

Prevent automatic checking of reference model versions, see Reference model Updating for explanation.

Prevent Model updates

Prevent alll updates to the structure of all models, see Updating Models for explanation.

Screen Resolution

You can  choose when starting up whether to have larger windows and fonts.

This fixes a problem on some PC's that have higher resolution screens and larger standard fonts where the text would not fit the buttons and labels etc