Managing ControlDraw Files
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Note - Path and Folder are used inter-changeably.

See The File Manager

Recommended Procedure

Use the Standard .cnd extension

Set the Archive path to the same location for all models. If running multi-user make it a network path that is shared by all users.

Before distributing a model

(For example before an Issue for Client Review, or Issue for Coding)

Raise the issue of the model using the ControlDraw Publish function.

ControlDraw prompts with a file name like Modelname.cnd### where ### is the model version number. This is to ensure that you have a unique name and to be able to keep a historical archive of files. Normally all you need to do is accept the file name that ControlDraw offers you.

When Printing or distributing a model

Print from and send copies of the Archived Model (not the current model.)

Before Review Meetings

Make a minor issue of the model. Then conduct the review meeting using the Print and Review program with the Archived model. Then all comments made (assuming you use Print and Review to record comments) will be referenced to the version of the model against which the review was conducted. (You can also generate most of the minutes of the review meeting this way)

Use the ControlDraw backup regularly.

Normally if you are just backing up, all you need to do is click the Backup button and then accept the file name that ControlDraw offers you.

Compact your models ControlDraw regularly.

As you add and delete symbols, matrices and data your file can become fragmented and use disk space insufficiently. This is particularly acute when running Multi-User. Compacting the file rearranges how the file is stored on disk to shrinks and speed up the file. Compacting can take a long time - but not normally more than a minute or two.

You can compact a file from the File manager. Or you can set in Tools Utilities to compact on Exit.

Use Tools utilities to clean up your models.

As you add symbols (other than plain shapes) their picture files are stored in the ControlDraw file. If you then delete the symbols or change their pictures, the old pictures, which may no longer be used, are kept in the model. You can remove them using Tools Utilities Delete Unused Embedded Pictures.


The Archive path is where you can set a folder for storing copies of the model when you made and issue. You can see the current Archive path in project options or when making a backup or publishing

Ensure your network or system's normal daily back-ups back up your Archive folder.

Note - making the Archive Folder 'compressed' is good idea if your system supports compressed folders. (ControlDraw models generally shrink considerably when compressed.)

See also Publishing and Making Backups