Matrix Types
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With ControlDraw, matrix row and columns can be linked to symbols on diagrams

Up to ControlDraw version 3.3, When a column was connected to a symbol, the column data type and the cell states in the column  reflected the dynamics of the connected symbol.

This has been improved to better support other types of matrix, such as those that require a few states but a long list of settings, and in addition for setting the symbols contained in a symbols child diagram.

Version 3.4 introduced new matrix types.

Note - when creating a new matrix you are asked whether it shold be Type 0 or 1, but you can always change later by transposing the matrix

0 Look up Col

This is the original type where the column data type (if selected by Use symbol dynamic type in the Columns tab when the column was added)  and the cell states in any cell in the column reflect the dynamics of the symbol connected to the column.

1 Look up Row

This is like the original type but transposed. The cell states in a cell in the row reflect the dynamics of the symbol connected to the row. All column data types are text.

Allow Childs

Here the you can create a row or column for a child of a symbol, for example the alarm attributes of a measurement, eg FT123.AHH.

This facilitates matrices that go down into the the objects on diagrams that individual symbols have parent links to.