Model Class Hierarchy and Field Inherits Map
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The Model Class Hierarchy and Field Inherits Map provide a way to look at the structure of a model.

They depend on having an up to date Data Build

The Field Inherits Map

This shows each field name where it's Special Default is !Inherit and the classes that the field value will pass through.

A drop down box lists all the inherited fields so you can pick one.

The Model Class Hierarchy

Unlike the Hierarchy  in  >Model Review it It reflects variants correctly

You may see a message like

"Classes in classes and the Other way round between the following:

X and Y"

This indicates that a diagram of class X has an object of class Y on it but also that a diagram of class Y has an object of class X on it. This is not logical but is not prevented.

Find Pages appears when you click first on a node and then Ctrl-Click a node that is connected to the first one.

Find Pages will find the first page that is responsible for generating the relationship

You can click on a node to highlight it's descendants, or right click for parents.

If the node it at the end it will always show the parents.

You can click a node and move the mouse away from the node before releasing the button to leave the highlight.

You can also delete a node - this does not affect the model. If you delete a node and it leaves a node behind that has no connections then those nodes are also deleted