Multi-User and Single User Modes
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ControlDraw supports two operating modes, Single and Multi User

The default is multi user.

This option is available from Tools Utilities

Deselecting Multi User enables you to open a model in exclusive  mode.

Exclusive mode is best for building the class data table or running DB Tagging and numbering.

The file and edit menu's depend on this choice.

When operating in single user mode:

When a model is opened, other  user are prevented from opening it.

An Undo All changes option appears in the main Edit menu

Save As appears in the File Menu

When operating in  multi-user mode

Every change but the last one is permanent

You can simultaneously open a model in Access

You can open the same model in a second instance of ControlDraw

It is possible for several users to use a CD model at the same time.

Regular File maintenance is essential

When opening a file that another user currently has open, a message is displayed advising who has the page open and then the page is then opened read only.

The page is flagged as open or closed in the model itself. If the program is unexpectedly terminated then a page may appear to be open when it is not. To recover from this a command is available from the Users tab of the project options to reset the page open flags.

Note - this will not warn if other users have the file open. Yet.

ControlDraw has been tested with 12 simultaneous user sessions, 6 read only and 6 active. Under intensive activity the Jet database under ControlDraw may often need to be repaired, see recovery

The Project Properties User tab will show who is currently logged on in ControlDraw.This does not include users who are just viewing the model with the reviewer or have it open any other program that can open Access databases, however the user Count when you open a model, or select Track Users in >Tools Utilities does show all users including non ControlDraw ones.

ControlDraw checks the users logged onto a model. This detects all users including those who have opened the model in the Print and Review program (which only reads the model and cannot change it) or in Access.

ControlDraw advises if other users are logged on when running the database build functions. Note that it is best to do this when there is only one user. You can select Tools Utilities whether to run multi user. Deselect this to obtain exclusive access. Doing this ensures the fastest and safest build.

>Tools >Send Message to other users.

This sends a message to all other users of the Controldraw model that you have open. Users of ControlDraw, the RTF Editor or the Reviewer who have the model open will reciver the message. Typically you would use this to request the users to close the model so that you can get exclusive control to do a rebuild.

Tools MS LDBViewer runs the Microsoft Access LDB Viewer - with this you can see who is logged on to the model.

You must have LDBView.exe in your ControlDraw folder tor this to work.

See also Reference model Updating


If running Multi-user then compact and back-up frequently.