SFC Draw Overview
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SFC Draw is an editor for Sequential Function charts that provides a more powerful alternative to the original SFC functions in ControlDraw

A diagram can be set as a Special SFC Draw type in the Page Details

If this is done then

An SFC Draw button appears on the diagram. clicking this will invoke the SFC Draw editor

The steps and transitions have an extra SFC Tag number that is separate from the normal tag. This is in addition used instead of incrementing letters when a connection is splti.

Even if a diagram is not set as special, the SFC Draw editor can be invoked by right clicking an element in an SFC and selecting Arrange in SFC Draw from the SFC Menu. This will then attempt to load the diagram into SFC Draw editor. First the chart is checked to ensure that it follows SFC rules, if it does not then no changes are made but a message indicates what problems were found (eg No transition after Start) and the offending elements are shown in Red.

If the checks are passed the SFC Draw form is shown. You can then use SFC Draw functions to edit the chart.

SFC Draw provides many features to make chart editing quick and effective.

Features include

Quick and easy chart editing

Automatic chart layout

Configurable chart level of detail - see Options

SFC rules enforced whilst drawing - you cannot draw an illegal chart

Multi level Undo Redo

Menu and/or mouse clicks are used for chart editing.

Using SFC Draw ensures logical consistency at all times preventing the production of Illegal charts.

Note - no changes are made to the diagram until you save the chart and confirm that you want to update the diagram