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You can now force the diagams when doing a complete rebuild to show or hide the classes, object tags and captions, overriding the settings for each page. (new buttons not yet on image below)

Printing - prints the diagrams at the size you have selected in the drop down list, previewing first.

Reference diagrams are now shown with a green border in the Page Browser.

View Zoom Scale Drop Down list

Sets the size of the thumbnail images

Drag to change Order

You can select a single diagram or a contiguous group and drag to change the page order

Right Click a Diagram        

To view full size, or to open or delete a page.


When using the Reviewer ControlDraw uses Cached images of the diagrams. Some actions, such as global changes may require that the image be loaded and redraw.

Page Browser Rebuild forces all the diagrams to redraw by opening each page redrawing and then closing.

Sometimes this may be necessary after you have made global changes but not opened and closed every page.

It also puts all diagrams to 100% unscrolled