Paste Special
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This provides the means to copy pictures, text, groups of objects and tables of data from another Windows program into a ControlDraw model. You can also paste copied objects from the open model as clones.

If pasting as symbols, you choose what type of symbol the new object(s) should be pasted as using the drop down list in the Paste Special form.

If you have a list of objects in the clipboard and select Text in Rows, Paste Special shows the list in a grid and you can choose to paste them as Symbols in Rows or in Columns or as a matrix.

If you choose columns then the objects are pasted in columns so that each column fits the available vertical space on the diagram If you want the columns to have more objects then you need to increase the height of the diagram before pasting.

Pasting in rows is similar except the rows are sized to the horizontal space on the diagram.

If there are more objects than will fit the page the page is expanded vertically if you pasted in Rows, and horizontally if you pasted in Columns

If you have just one symbol selected then you can paste a picture into it or turn it into a clone

If the data in the clipboard is formatted correctly you can use Paste Special Import as Pages and Symbols

See also Paste Properties