Picture Selector
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This form is used to select a picture to show in a symbol, or to choose not to show one. It shows thumbnail s of the pictures that are

available in the model or in the picture paths.

ControlDraw stores copies of all the Symbol pictures in the model, provided Embed Pictures has been selected in the Project Options. this is the default, but de-select this option then the pictures are taken from the paths you have defined also in the Project Options form each time the diagram is drawn.

Whe embedded, these pictures are stored with a name, that of the original picture file, or if the pictures were pasted into the model with a name like Paste######NN where ######NN is the date plus a sequential number. Each picture must have a unique name in one model (or set including a reference model)

The image that is used for a Symbol is initially determined by the object you select to put on a drawing. However, you can change this to any other picture or to one of many shapes.

You can easily create your own picture using the Windows Paintbrush program or any drawing package that can create Windows graphics files (bitmaps, gif's, metafiles, jpg files, icons)

Paste Special includes Paste Picture into selected Object and paste as new object. If you have just one symbol selected then you can paste a picture into it.

You can change the Standard, User, and dynamic picture paths when you are in the picture browser. If you open the picture browser to change an Object picture you can change the Standard or User picture path. If you browse For a dynamic picture from the Object expressions form you can change the dynamic path. Note - If Embed pictures is Set (As per default) In File Properties Options then you can freely change directories and browse for any picture from anywhere On your PC. As soon As you select a picture file it is stored In the ControlDraw file.

You can also make the picture in a symbol the Child Page Diagram by checking "Use Child Diagram" In the symbol Details.

Tip - an easy way to make a small image with Paintbrush is to use the Edit Copy function - this will create a Bitmap out of the selected area - see Windows Paintbrush Help for further details. Another Paintbrush tip is to set the image attributes to 1 pixel wide and high before pasting, then the bitmap sizes to the image that you pasted. This is very useful when editing ControlDraw pictures.

See also Embedded Picture Manager