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ControlDraw provides a Publishing facility whereby you can raise the Issue of a model and then archive it for subsequent comparisons. Publishing a CD project is a means of archiving and then setting Issue information in one go.

It is accessed from the Files menu or the History form

You can also use for day to day backups, as this also compacts the morel

The Publish Function, accessed from the File menu or the history view, does the following:

Compresses the file and copies it to the Archive Path and sets it to read only.

ControlDraw prompts with a file name like Modelname.cnd### where ### is the model version number. You should accept the proposed filename, only changing it if you are using the publish facilities to make a copy with a new name, should you wish to do that. (This might be when starting a new project and making an archive of source material)

Records in the History table in the model where the archived copy was made for subsequent comparisons to be made.

Increments the Issue number.Increments the Issue number.

You can also use the Publish form to just make a back up without incrementing the issue number

The Major Issue and Minor Issue option selector lets you choose whether to increment the Major or Minor Issue from the last time you published.

The model (and not just the archive) is compacted in the backup/publish process.