Query Design form
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This form is invoked from the Queries tab of the Data Views form.

You can show plain SQL or a version that parses the SQL (in a limited way) into clauses, but only supports queries into the drawing objects, and does not support Unions (See also Shared Instance Query Builder which does) or other advanced SQL functions.

You can design a query outside ControlDraw,  in Access for example, and then paste it into the form. Then you can save it in the model.

A query is not actually stored as query in the database, it is text in a table field. You can however then save a query directly in the model with the button provided       

With the Levels set above one you can create multi level queries on the drawing objects, for example all the Recipe Formula Values on diagrams that are childs of Phase objects.

An example is


When editing a query in an area model that is from a reference model you are prompted.