Start a Model
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OK, you have to write a complete specification for a project.

You need to:

        List, specify and procure all the instruments

        Define all the control loops

        Define all the Procedural Logic

        Define all the Safety Logic

        List and allocate the Control System IO.

        Get the end user to agree with all the user interface aspects

        Deliver quality, auditable documents to your customer

Of course you could start by purchasing an introductory model from ControlDraw Ltd. We can introduce you to the product by modeling your process and delivering the promise of ControlDraw.

But if you want to do it yourself, you can use a ControlDraw Start Template as a starting point, and the examples as references. You can even import parts of the samples into your application.

And this is a good place to start in getting into CD quickly but in some depth.

If you really do not want to spend a few minutes then go to In at the Deep End. If you do do that then please revisit the sample files occasionally.

When you start a new model, CD  offers to start with a template.  Templates are small CD models that include sample objects and 'To Do' notes to guide you through the production of a model. Some start models also includes starting points for the instance and object databases. 

Note - Since the start models are standard CD files, this means that you can design your own start models for use as project standards. This is recommended rather than standardising the palette.

You choose a template and enter the project details with the Template Selection form