RTF editor Form
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You can edit the all the RTF text with the ControlDraw RTF text editor.

RTF text is used for the Page Details, the Overview and Description text and the Class Text

This is accessed from File RTF Editor in the main menu or from buttons on the Diagram details and Project details forms.

The RTF text editor Supports

        Font name, size & colour.

        Bold, italic, underline, strike-out, super & subscript text.

        Page breaks (visible text that is replaced by a break when printed)

        Indents, tabs, Left, right, centre & bulleted paragraphs


RTF text editor does not support:

        Drag & drop editing

        Line & paragraph spacing

        Tables (you can use tabulated columns)

Ctrl-Shift-> Enlarges the selected text and Ctrl-Shift-< makes it smaller