Recipe Defer Functions
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This is all about defining the Master value of a recipe parameter setting.

In a model, as with most batch package you can put a Recipe Parameter on a Phase, Operation, UP or the RP.

Now, typically the value of the parameter in a higher level (such as a UP) is passed down to a lower level - typically an operation or a phase. Ultimately this should set the product specific value in a unit or equipment module phase.

If the parameter is used in a Phase, but you want to define it at the UP level for example then you can link (Right Click Descended object linker) the parameter in the UP down to the one in the phase. Then using >Tools >Custom Tools >Defer functions, 'Defer Level' of the phase parameter is set to UP and the instances of the Phase parameter get updated with the values of the one in the UP.

Now, in, for example, DeltaV Batch the parameter has to pass through any intermediate level, in our example though any operations.

The Recipe Defer functions also generate both a diagram (the parameter map) and a list showing which parameters pass though intermediate levels on the way down to the phase or lower level. 

The Set Defer fields tab

When the Set Defers button is clicked, ControlDraw scans the Defer links in the model and for all recipe parameters instances that are in child pages descended from the page containing the 'Master Recipe parameter':

Sets the Defer Level field to the Abbreviated version of the Class name (you can see this is Data Design)

Sets the Defer Tag to the tag of the 'Master Recipe parameter':

Sets the Defered field true.

It also looks at the Instance of the Link Master in the same path and

Increases Max if the lower level is too low

Reduces Min if the lower level is too high

If a recipe parameter is Linked to the Master parameter but not in the child pages of the master then the Defered  field is still set to true, but the Defer Tag and Defer Level are set to '???'

This means that if you defer from the Recipe level then all the instances are set, but if you defer from, say, a UP the only those descended from that UP are set. It means that if you defer from the UP level once then you  should also defer from all the other UP.

Review facilities are provided to help to track down results, User Queries can show the 'Implied Parameters and links on the diagrams.

The Implied Defers tab

Implied Defers are those where a link passes down through a diagram level without there being a corresponding  parameter on the diagram. Running Scan and build creates a table of all these so that they can be displayed on the diagram using a "Parameter Pass thru" special symbol

The Configure tab

The Recipe Parameter fields must be configured correctly, generally clicking the "Set Defer Initial Settings" button will do this.


The Parameter Map

This shows the paths from each recipe parameter down to the lowest level, typically an equipment phase. When first shown, all these paths are shown but you can select the top level from the drop down list.

The links must be created using the Descended Object Linker

You can double click an object to open the diagram

You can also delete objects links by clicking on one then pressing the Delete key

See also Defer Symbol Links display