Reference model Updating
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When you open a model that has a reference model ControlDraw prompts to ask whether to proceed to update the reference diagrams. if you decide not to then this stops all reference model checking until you re-open the model, even if other users all log off.

All the time there are other users and you have elected to continue you will be asked each time that you open a reference page or when you select Synchronise All.

When opening a model the reference model is checked for class changes as well as diagram changes.

When synchronising referenced diagrams and the diagram has a child and that diagram is not is the model, as well as removing the link, ControlDraw warns and lists the missing child pages.

When synchronising, Fonts in the Area model are updated to match those in the reference model. Note that you can have more fonts in the area model and the higher numbered ones will be unchanged

ControlDraw checks that a model has only one user before it carries out the checking and updating of models from their reference models, and asks. It is recommended that you avoid updating when running a model multi user, as it has been found that models  that are under intensive multi user development and that have reference models may develop database faults that require a Repair.