Run Mode Controls
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See also Run Mode

Provided the page is not in Static run mode, the following sequence is performed periodically, at the rate determined by the Simulation Timer setting on the main toolbar. By default this is two seconds.

The values of all Symbol inputs are updated from their input connections

Each Symbol performs the calculation that has been defined in the Symbol Dynamics form

The values of all  outputs are passed through their connections to the downstream Symbol inputs

When you click a Symbol a popup list relevant to the Dynamics of the object appears

If the object is multi state then a list of the possible states of the object is popped up and you can set the object to any of it's states or enter a value for single data type symbols.

See also AutoSFC

You can take a snapshot of a collection of object states and save them in a State Matrix, and you can then reload the state from the state matrix.

See also Dynamic Simulation