SFC / Grafcet Phase Features
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See also SFC Draw, a more advanced way of drawing SFC's

SFC diagrams have a special right click menu

These greatly speed up SFC development.

Right Clicking a step in an SFC shows a SFC item in the right click popup menu.

In the SFC sub menu you can

"Insert Step/Trans Below "- this adds a step and transition between the selected step and it's subsquent transition, and moves the subsequent steps and transitions down to make room.

"Insert Branch Step" - this adds a branched step and transition

"Delete Step and Preceding trans" removes the step and it's preceeding transition.

If no page set state matrix is selected the next menu shows "No Page Set State Matrix, Click to set one"

Otherwise the menu shows "Set State Matrix step" with a tick if the step is a set state type one.

Clicking then prompts "Change this to a Set State Step?" or "Change this to a Normal Step?"

"Sequence Numbering" calls up the Sequence Numbering form