Sample Models
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ControlDraw includes several sample files. These illustrate many of the functions and facilities that ControlDraw can be used for. There are examples of diagrams and classes and examples of many types of modules that you can use in your own models. Most include a populated database with an S88 based model structure.

Note - the models are not 100% complete, the intention is to provide illustrations and perhaps diagrams that you can adapt for your own applications


This is a collection of diagrams for showing the basic principles and capabilities of ControlDraw. It is not really a model, it is a presentation.


A portion from a real model - contains complete definitions of a Hygenic liquids storage and supply process area with CIP


There are several models that use the S88Reference3.cnd model as a reference model.

S88Reference3.cnd includes within it a small model that you can use to rapidly try out the functions and see the effects on the database. It includes variants and special objects and explanatory notes, and even some programming guidelines.


This is a version of S88Reference3.cnd that has the non essential diagrams removed so that users with page limited license can still edit it.


A typical dairy/food process, the milkshake plant was originally developed by European Batch Forum (EBF) but has been extended considerably to illustrate how ControlDraw can be used to define Semi batch and CIP functional requirements


The Miracle Cure plant. A multi-product organic chemicals plant incuding primary and finishing processes. It make miracle cures for everything.

This model was originally  developed by EBF WG3 but has been extended considerably to illustrate how ControlDraw can be used to define batch and continuous functional requirements


This model shows how ControlDraw can be used to generate Functional Requirements Documentation covering the  contents of the ISA S5.06 standard


This demonstrates many of the simulation capabilities of ControlDraw. It is not really a model, but a collection of diagrams that have simulations

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Examples of Continuous Control schemes

Distillation Tower SBC

Shows how to define State based Control for a Distillation tower


Functional Requirements Principles - not a model, but a file that explains how the models are used to define Functional Requirements


Demonstrates two alternative ways - Symbol Date and Matrices - to produce Process Flow diagrams with Process Data


An example showing Boiler Safety Shutdown systems ncluding a Cause and Effect matrix


This simple model shows Various Vessel Temperature Control Schemes made using variants.