Scripting Symbol Wizard
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The 'Links and States Wizard' button in the Symbol Formula Editor, brings up a display that shows the symbol and its connections along with the script. It there is code in the script that relates input to outputs or 'TheValue' then connections are shown between them. When you click one of these connections the relevant line in the code is highlighted. You can also edit the code and immediately see the effect.

This greatly help to visualise what the code does in.

The 'Links and States Wizard' parses states into individual sections.

When adding states to a diagram whose parent uses Child Page States dynamics the new states are now added after existing states.

The Wizard places connection points that are in the same position next to each other rather than on top, making it easier to draw connections.

Flow Switch makes a script according to the inputs and outputs of the object.

If there is one input and one output it makes an on off flow.

If there is more than one input it makes a many In 1 Out switch, conversely a 1 In Many out switch if there is more than one output and one input.

Flow Source makes a script for a symbol that has no inputs and one output, such as a material source

Flow Join makes a script that sets the outputs to the maximum of the inputs

On closing the form, if you choose to accept the changes and the object dynamic type does not match, you are prompted to change it.