Signals and Connections
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Connections in ControlDraw are represented on the page as a line connecting two symbols, however they are much more than just lines they are Signals.

When you move a symbol the line moves to keep its connection to a symbol.

You can choose the Connections style for each connection.

In run mode, signals can carry data from one object to another and may have their appearance determined by the value of a signal. Signal have a data type.

Signals define the initial way these connections are drawn. Each signal is assigned a Line style, arrows and a connection routing method from the Signals Form

Note - you can change these appearance aspects after you have created a connection, using the Connections Toolbox, but the signal remains the same unless you change it using th Symbols form.

Two connected symbol can be on separate diagrams. If this is the case a Connection pointer is automatically created, containing the text

Symbol tagname / Connectionname and 'On Page' Page no.

Double click a line and if it has more that two segments each segment that is not at an end of the line shows a number in the middle. You can drag this to move the connection segment.

Also there is a button in the line controls to make a line orthogonal.

If a segment is nearly horizontal or nearly vertical then click this to make the segments line up.

You can change the symbol to which a connection is made by dragging an end point onto another symbol

See also Connection Controls